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VOLUNTEER WITH MISSION DEVINE  2018 - Work week will begin on June 11, 2018


Over 100 volunteers donate their time and talents to Mission Devine annually to make sure their neighbors live in a safe and healthy home. With their help, and the help of of corporate partners, skilled trades associates, and our local church partners, we complete dozens of projects each year. Our volunteers make a direct and lasting impact on our local communities.


Want to help?  Come join us in our 14th anniversary of Mission Devine.  If you can give a few hours, or a day, or even two, you can help someone who truly needs your helping hand.


You know, Jesus Christ second commandment is "To love thy neighbor as thyself".  What better way to follow that commandment and to show how much you care, than to help your neighbor in their time of need.  Rather the need be small or great - demonstrating you care will give someone the affirmation of community, family, and kindness.


Now - take this moment and commit yourself to helping your neighbor.  The bible puts it this way: “Practice giving, and people will give to you. . . . With the measure that you are measuring out, they will measure out to you in return.”—Luke 6:38.

Who Volunteers?


     - Skilled Trades professional volunteers are the backbone of our

       repair efforts, providing technical know-how with everything from

       roofing to plumbing, assessment to planning.


    - Service Volunteers step in when there are large projects that

      require comparatively little experience. Examples include cleaning,

      painting, landscaping, moving furniture and appliances, etc.


   - Support Volunteers provide everything from;

      helping feed the many service volunteers throughout the work week, to

      helping project leaders gather materials and supplies, to

      hospitality and homeowner support, to

      being on a prayer team


Everyone can make a difference! Help us provide a safe a healthy home to someone in your neighborhood. Volunteer today!




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