As we continue to move forward we should never forget how we got here~ Patrick Bourcier

   In 2005, Mrs. Daniel Young of Devine First Baptist Church, shared a vision with others about how following the 2nd Commandment of Jesus Christ in demonstrating Christian love for our neighbors.  Forming the core group and first Committee of Mission Devine.  Backyard Bible Clubs were formed, work projects were determined by need for trash pickup around the city, painting houses that desperately needed painting, minor repair projects at church and else where; and creation of Youth Retreat Week that would assist project leaders in with work projects.  11 Projects were assigned with an additional 3 locations for tree trimming.  Starting with just $200 by the weeks end the first Mission Devine had received and spent donations totaling $7,356.82

   In 2005, the first committee members were; Tanya Tilley, Regina Morales, Daniel Young and Sue Bates.

   Frist Mission Devine week was June 6th thourgh June 11th, 2005.


Backyard Bible Club volunteers were; Mitzi Wood, Amber Isbell, Reagan/Caroline Anderson, Wayde Anderson, Leann Solomon, Hayley Summers, Dougherty Kids, Jack & Ruth Turner, Beulah Anderson, Gina Morales and Justin & Sara Brite.

2017 - Mission Devine members who were also part of the very first Mission Devine in 2005

Pictured L-R:  Nixon, David Cooke, Ed Dougherty, Clifford Redus, Phillis Redus, Emm Key, Mr. Redus, Son Redus, Robert Nixon Jr.,

   MD Volunteers were; Kathy Adams, Bennie Anderson, Beulah Anderson, Caroline Anderson, Reagan Anderson, Judy Anderson, Wayde Anderson, Ashley Andrews, Debbie Andrews, Roberta Irwin, Amber Isbell, Cindy Jacobs, Rachel Jasik, Margaret Rose Jasik, Bryan Jorgenson, Jack Kelley, Judy Kelley, Mike Kezar. Teresa Humphreys, Cindy Jacobs, Marsha Stroud, Billy Callaway, Mrs. Friddle, Sue Jonas, Carol Doyal, Jana Dudley, Sharon Martin, Jill Solomon, Roland Jonas, Kaycee Priest, Amber Roder, Kambra Ferry, Nancy Briscoe, Mitchell Waechter, Tom Key, Rick Martin, Ed Dougherty, Kris Summers, Jeremy McDonald, and Rande McDonald, Phil Mac, Ted Outlaw, Danny Wood, Troy Summers, Lee Duff, Jim Hall and Matt Cady.

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