- Non Profit

- Ministry of the Devine Ministerial Fellowship                  - Hundreds of Volunteer's                                 - All Denominational

- Doing Home Repairs Since 2005                                       - Work Week in June of each Year                   - Over 400 homes repaired Since 2005

- Over $275,000 in cash and donations raised                   - Over 6,000 volunteer hours annually            - Best Sponsors in the world




We do home repairs and renovations for our neighbors who are elderly, disabled, veterans, single-parent families and others with special needs.

For those who can not otherwise afford such repairs or renovations.  We do this at no cost to the homeowner .

Mission Devine

   We organized Mission Devine in 2005 to bring the community together. Volunteers, churches, government and business -- to lend a helping hand to those in need when otherwise help seems out of reach. What's happened in the Devine area over the past years, culminating in the events of the selected week in June, is truly a model for how this process can work effectively,"


  "Mission Devine is a great example of the meaning of Christian partnership and community service; it is a reminder that Americans are at their best when their neighbors are in need. We, as local Church's, local government, corporate partners and private citizens are grateful for the generosity of these volunteers and are proud to work by their side,” said Mayor Bill Herring.

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